DQS Poland

DQS Poland is a licensed certification body that began its operations on April 2, 2001. It belongs to the DQS Group..


We provide opinions on management systems and conduct conformity assessment of medical devices with the needs of clients in mind.

Our Values:

Based the know-how of DQS Holding GmbH, we improve and develop services in the field of assessing quality, environment, safety management systems and other management systems in enterprises, regardless of their size and the industry in which they operate.
Conducting assessments of management systems, DQS addresses the individual needs of clients, offering certificates recognized on the domestic and international market.
DQS, using assessment and certification processes, uses assessors / auditors whose knowledge in a specific technical area is checked by DQS and improved during compulsory training. Each DQS assessor / auditor is a specialist in his field. We base the process of appointing auditors on proven and internationally recognized training methods.

All assessors / auditors are required to perform their activities during the assessment process in the spirit of partnership, enabling achievement of the assumed goal and motivating the processes of improving the audited organization.
DQS Poland wants to be a company friendly to its employees. It provides attractive working conditions, mutual respect and supports work efficiency.