Quality Policy

DQS Poland strives to be a recognized partner for companies and organizations researching management systems and implementing conformity assessment procedures in the certification processes of medical devices and organic farming products, in a way that is distinguished by a high level of services provided and high competence of personnel, auditors and inspectors.

Having a sense of responsibility for the compliance of conducted activities, DQS Poland strives to ensure that the services provided are based on the individual needs of clients, and the audits – process-oriented, bring added value, thus contributing to improving management efficiency.

We want to achieve these intentions by following the guidelines set out in the standards ISO / IEC 17021, ISO / IEC 17065, ISO 9001 and other legal requirements, and by following the principles set out in the license agreement with DQS GmbH.

For the implementation of the above obligations, the following lines of action were established:

  1. Continuous improvement of our own management structures and the qualifications of DQS Poland staff.
  2. Improving the quality of services rendered so far, including the competences of auditors and inspectors, while ensuring independence, impartiality and confidentiality at all levels of management.
  3. Striving to achieve an advantage over other units, by learning about customer needs, responding to all market feedback including complaints, customer complaints and testing their satisfaction.
  4. Ensuring compliance of the tested management systems and products in the aspect of applied standards, specifications and legal regulations.

Measurable operational goals resulting from the adopted quality policy are set every year during management reviews.

Warsaw, dated August 30, 2017